How it works?

We generally supply the part of the meal which is more involved and time consuming to prepare. While the food is warming up, you can quickly prepare your preferred vegetable, salad or carb to accompany the meal.

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Choose your meals

We have a range of fresh meals from our Black Board Menu that change every fortnight. We do have our Why Cook? favourites, which is available all year round.

Our meals are freshly cooked. The sauces are generally vacuumed pack to seal their freshness for longer. For practical purposes, some meals may be delivered frozen. Check the meal information to confirm if they are available fresh or frozen. Meals cooked in foil trays (e.g. Family Lasagne) cannot be vacuumed seal.

The fresh meals must be stored under 4 degrees and have a use by date of 7 days from delivery. The frozen meals will be good for 3-6 months in the freezer.

We recommend that your meals are consumed fresh.

However, if required you may freeze most of our fresh meals before their use by date and consume them within 3 months.

Order online

Our main meals are generally available in various sizes. 

Single - serves 1 Adult

Regular – serves 2 Adults

Family – serves 2 Adults and 2 kids

Large – serves 4 Adults

Extra Large - serves between 8 - 10 Adults

Place your order by midnight on Sunday for delivery on following Wednesday
Place your order by midnight on Wednesday for delivery on following Friday.


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Please ensure you provide us with enough details to ensure a smooth delivery of your meals. This is especially important if you live in a security apartment complex. You’ll need to give us specific instructions as to how to access your place for a secure delivery. (Arrange for someone to buzz the driver in, or provide us with an access code)

We have a flat delivery cost of $5.00 dollars per order and a charge of $5.00 as deposit for the foam boxes and ice packs. If when we deliver your next order, you leave the clean foam-box and icepack out for us to collect; we’ll refund you this deposit by crediting your account.

Enjoy your meal, enjoy life

The meals are delivered in export quality foam boxes packed with ice. They will last up to 8 hours and you’ll need to put them in your fridge/freezer as soon as possible.

When ready to eat, just warm it up and serve with your choice of rice, pasta, couscous or bread with a side of salad.

When you order, check the detailed description for your dish for any serving suggestions.