How it works?

Why Cook? fresh meals supplied are ready to eat. Just warm them up as per instructions on the label and enjoy.

Four Easy Steps to Order

1. Select your meals

We have a wide range of fresh meals to choose from. We’ll be adding more new meals in the future based on demand.

Why Cook? meals are delivered fresh and must be stored in the fridge under 5 degrees Celsius until you are ready to eat. These meals have a use by date of between 7 to 9 days from delivery.

We recommend that you consume your Why Cook? meals fresh. However, if required you may freeze most of our fresh meals before their use by date and consume them within 3 months.

2. Order online

Place your order by midnight on Sunday for delivery on following Tuesday.
Place your order by midnight on Wednesday for delivery on following Friday.

3. Proceed to Checkout

Please ensure you provide us with enough details to ensure a smooth delivery of your meals. You’ll need to give us specific instructions as to how to access your place for a secure delivery. This is especially important if you live in a security apartment complex (for example, you can arrange for someone to buzz the driver in, or provide us with an access code).  On the checkout page there is a field called “order notes” where you can add special instructions for your delivery.

Our delivery cost is between $5.00 dollars and $10.00 per order based on your Post Code.

4. Enjoy your meal, enjoy life

Currently, as the country is in lockdown, Why Cook? meals are delivered in paper bags and you need to be home to receive them. When ready to eat, it only takes a couple of minutes to warm up your Why Cook? meals in the microwave. Enjoy your restaurant quality Why Cook? meals and spend more time enjoying life.

5. Place your next order

Place your next order of Why Cook? fresh cuisine so you do not run out of ready-made, delicious and nutritious meals.