XMAS – Truffle Wild Mushroom Ravioli (Home Made) with creamy mushroom sauce (Serves 4)


One of the new Black Truffle entrees, this time with our own hand made ravioli. Black Truffle creates a pleasant savoury taste known as Umami or the fifth taste. Umami is a Japanese term which translates as “essence of deliciousness”


The Chef prepares this thin home made pasta dough and fills with wild mushrooms and black truffle. He serves the ravioli with a creamy mushroom and black truffle sauce. The essence of deliciousness. Enjoy this entree with crusty bread roll or garden salad. All Christmas orders due by 18th December 2023 at latest.

Serves 4 adults

Ingredients: Thickened Cream, Mushrooms (Cup, Shitake, Portobello, Swiss Brown), Pasta Flour (Wheat), Water, Cheese, Potato, Onion, Vegetable Oil, Olive oil, Black Truffle, Oregano, Salt, Pepper.

Ordering info

Minimum Order: $50.00

Meals size available – Single Adult Serve and Family Adult Serve. (Serves 3 to 5)

NEW: Family Meals range – it takes so much time and effort to prepare sauces. So, we’ve prepared your favourite sauces for you. Just add the rice/pasta and side veg or salad to complete your nutritiously balanced meal for the whole family. You’ll feel so much better than eating those greasy and expensive take aways.


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